We found 292 actual water levels for 'West'




Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Green River West Duffins Creek 246 cm 2.13 m³/s
And Powerhouse Site No.1 Lake Of The Woods Western Outlet Above Norman Dam 32232.2 cm
And Powerhouse Site No.2 Lake Of The Woods Western Outlet Above Norman Dam 32233.1 cm
And Powerhouse Site No.3 Lake Of The Woods Western Outlet Above Norman Dam 32233.5 cm
At Blackville Southwest Miramichi River 98.5 cm 68.3 m³/s
At Calgary West Nose Creek 592.6 cm 0.23 m³/s
At Highway No. 7 West Humber River 339.9 cm 11.6 m³/s
At Kingston West Branch Little Cataraqui Creek 1003.8 cm 0.12 m³/s
At Lewisporte Southwest Brook 120.6 cm 4.45 m³/s
At Lyttleton Little Southwest Miramichi River 197.6 cm 110 m³/s
At Riverdale West River 108.9 cm 0.95 m³/s
At Terra Nova National Park Northwest River 124.4 cm 14.7 m³/s
At Terra Nova National Park Southwest Brook 171.4 cm 1.33 m³/s
At Trout Brook Northwest Miramichi River 115.9 cm 36.4 m³/s
At Westbridge West Kettle River 78 cm 4.05 m³/s
Near Arrowwood West Arrowwood Creek 24.5 cm
Near Baie Verte South West Brook 153.3 cm 6.42 m³/s
Near Cinema West Road River -36.5 cm 37.6 m³/s
Near Ensign West Arrowwood Creek 96.1 cm 0.08 m³/s
Near Fort Langley West Creek 197.7 cm 0.33 m³/s
Near High Prairie West Prairie River 237.1 cm 0.42 m³/s
Near Mcculloch West Kettle River 130.2 cm 1.1 m³/s
Near Osaca North West Ganaraska River 252.5 cm 0.75 m³/s
Near Scarborough Village West Highland Creek 255.1 cm 0.83 m³/s
Near The Mouth West Aishihik River 669.2 cm 2.51 m³/s
Near Upper Margaree Southwest Margaree River 116 cm 15 m³/s



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Delhi West Branch Delaware 2.659424 ft 147.907 cfs
Above Gatlinburg West Prong Little Pigeon 3.259008 ft 72.718 cfs
Above Lake Watrous West -1.989648 ft
Above Parma West Creek delayed
Above Parma 3se West Creek 4.618896 ft
Above Ravenna West Branch Mahoning 1.629504 ft 13.767 cfs
Above Sedalia West Plum Creek 1.35956 ft
Abv Mouth Nr Empire West Fork Clear Creek 4.27876 ft 13.414 cfs
Abv West Weir Nr Clewiston West Feeder Canal 16.085776 ft 68.835 cfs
Allenwood West Branch Susquehanna 9.207616 ft 7316.984 cfs
Aquarium Bridge West Prong Little Pigeon 0.899704 ft
Austin West Bouldin Creek Above Oltorf Road 1.589488 ft 0.353 cfs
Baltimore Fort Mchenry Northwest Branch Patapsco 1.299536 ft
Beaver Lake Northwest Arkansas Lakes 1115.094384 ft
Below Edmundson West Little Llagas Creek 3.309192 ft
Below M J Kirwan Dam West Branch Mahoning 2.009328 ft 28.24 cfs
Below Mouth Of South Prong River West Branch Rocky Nc 3.059256 ft 6.707 cfs
Below Rampart Reservoir West Monument Creek 4.508688 ft 3.883 cfs
Below Townshend Lake West 4.978712 ft
Bower (Mahaffey) West Branch Susquehanna 4.298768 ft 473.726 cfs
Bracketville West Nueces 0.92988 ft
Brady Creek Reservoir West Central Texas Lakes 1729.477088 ft
Brentwood Northwest Branch Anacostia 1.059768 ft 27.534 cfs
Butcherville West Fork 2.379312 ft 282.047 cfs
Cannonsville Reservoir West Branch Delaware 1144.126976 ft
Carpenter Creek Road West Prong Medina 1.289696 ft
Chimney Picnic Area West Prong Little Pigeon 0.83968 ft
C J Strike Reservoir Southwest Idaho Reservoirs 54.715976 ft
Claryville West Branch Neversink 6.368448 ft 80.484 cfs
Coatesville West Branch Brandywine Creek 4.018984 ft 63.893 cfs
Danville West Fork White Lick Creek 4.148872 ft 63.893 cfs
Dawson West Branch Lac Qui Parle 32.741616 ft
Deerfield West Fork North Branch Chicago 7.527928 ft
Dunn Ferry Road West Fork Calcasieu 0.949888 ft
East Berlin West Conewago Creek 2.549216 ft 252.042 cfs
East Of Fayetteville West Fork White 1.919456 ft 20.121 cfs
Elkhorn West Papillion Creek 3.239328 ft
Emmetsburg West Fork Des Moines 0.949888 ft 105.9 cfs
Enterprise West Fork 4.3788 ft 1339.282 cfs
E Of Leeville Southwestern Louisiana Canal 3.989136 ft
E. V. Spence Reservoir West Central Texas Lakes 1850.2562 ft
Finchford West Fork Cedar 5.668496 ft 66.717 cfs
Fm 1791 Nr Richards West Sandy Ck 246.066912 ft 2.471 cfs
Fort Worth West Fork Trinity 0.899704 ft 64.599 cfs
Franklin West Fork Drakes Creek 6.918176 ft 163.086 cfs
Gahgan Boat Launch West Fork Calcasieu 0.819672 ft
Gary West Branch Lac Qui Parle 1374.498104 ft
Gila Cliff Dwellings West Fork Gila 9.017704 ft 109.783 cfs
Glen Cove West Pond 7.277992 ft
Grand Prairie West Fork Trinity 3.009072 ft 318.759 cfs
Hale Eddy West Branch Delaware 3.269176 ft 691.88 cfs
Harlan West Nishnabotna 1168.171016 ft
Hillegass West Branch Perkiomen Creek 1.169648 ft 69.894 cfs
Hinckley Dam West Canada Creek 1203.042008 ft
Hobart West Branch Delaware 1.1398 ft 23.651 cfs
Honeybrook West Branch Brandywine Creek 1.329712 ft 26.828 cfs
Hords Creek Lake West Central Texas Lakes 1879.009008 ft
Humboldt West Fork Des Moines 3.829072 ft 357.942 cfs
Huntington West Branch Westfield 4.188888 ft 164.851 cfs
Hyde West Branch Susquehanna 2.829328 ft 665.758 cfs
Idlewylde West Branch Herring Run 1.03976 ft 1.059 cfs
Irwin West Nishnabotna 1235.293592 ft
Jackson West Fork Des Moines 7.408208 ft 159.909 cfs
Jackson White Oak Creek At Westbrook Road 4.508688 ft
Jamaica West 5.078752 ft 300.756 cfs
Jenkins West Branch Wading 11.207104 ft 122.844 cfs
Jersey Shore West Branch Susquehanna 3.459088 ft 6097.369 cfs
Kalamazoo West Fork Portage Creek 2.619408 ft 21.886 cfs
Karthaus West Branch Susquehanna 3.079264 ft 1849.367 cfs
Kast Bridge West Canada Creek 4.139032 ft 2468.882 cfs
Kirwan Reservoir West Branch Mahoning 981.898504 ft
Knightville Westfield 4.16888 ft 240.04 cfs
Lake Coleman West Central Texas Lakes 1707.842536 ft
Lake Conroe West Fork San Jacinto 200.948544 ft
Lake Fort Phantom Hill West Central Texas Lakes 1628.803064 ft
Lake Stamford West Central Texas Lakes 1413.167992 ft
Lake Sweetwater West Central Texas Lakes 2103.00152 ft
Lake View Black Hawk Lake (Western Ia) 6.018472 ft
Lewisburg West Branch Susquehanna 3.679176 ft 7826.716 cfs
Lock Haven West Branch Susquehanna 8.837632 ft 3718.502 cfs
Massena Ia 148 West Nodaway 66.273056 ft
Medford Southwest Branch Rancocas Creek 4.838656 ft 76.954 cfs
Middlesex West 1.099784 ft 13.061 cfs
Millard West Papillion Creek 9.447712 ft 8.825 cfs
Millburn West Branch Rahway 1.65968 ft
Modena West Branch Brandywine Creek 3.289184 ft 75.895 cfs
Moss Bluff West Fork Calcasieu 16.635832 ft
Near Addison West Br Dead Creek 3.379056 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Alpine West Fork Obey 0.999744 ft 210.741 cfs
Near Alpine West Fork Whitewater 4.878672 ft 290.872 cfs
Near Ashland West Fork Ashland Creek 1.179816 ft 8.825 cfs
Near Avoca West Fork Des Moines 1418.366792 ft
Near Avoca East Branch West Nishnabotna 1117.653768 ft
Near Avoca West Nishnabotna 1112.945 ft
Near Bergland West Branch Ontonagon 2.159552 ft 97.075 cfs
Near Bethel West Fork Pigeon 1.269688 ft 133.081 cfs
Near Boyd West Fork Trinity 5.31852 ft 3.53 cfs
Near Britt West Main Drainage Ditch 1 & 2 (North Central Ia) 74.800728 ft
Near Camp Verde West Clear Creek 0.00984 ft 25.416 cfs
Near Carmel West Branch Croton 3.02908 ft 8.472 cfs
Near Cedar Creek West Cedar Creek 2.129376 ft
Near Cedar Fort West Canyon Creek 2.229416 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Chesterville West Branch White Clay Creek 1.059768 ft 11.649 cfs
Near Clarksburg West Fork 3.389224 ft
Near Colesville Northwest Branch Anacostia 1.639672 ft 13.061 cfs
Near Coleville West Walker 1.119792 ft 47.655 cfs
Near Coleville (Lower Gage) West Walker 2.669264 ft 91.78 cfs
Near Conconully West Fork Salmon Creek 6.028312 ft 10.943 cfs
Near Conner West Fork Bitterroot 1.229672 ft 53.303 cfs
Near Conroe West Fork San Jacinto 95.105568 ft 188.855 cfs
Near Croton Falls West Branch Croton 4.758624 ft 283.812 cfs
Near Curwensville West Branch Susquehanna 2.229416 ft 511.85 cfs
Near Dorchester West Fork Big Blue 2.529208 ft 46.243 cfs
Near Emerald Lake Campground West Rosebud Creek 1.76956 ft 71.659 cfs
Near Flamingo West Lake Outlet To Long Lake 0.549728 ft 6.707 cfs
Near Fort Oglethorpe West Chickamauga Creek 1.499616 ft 120.02 cfs
Near Ft. Myers Gator Slough West Of Us-41 13.166576 ft 15.179 cfs
Near Ganado West Mustang Creek 4.508688 ft 8.825 cfs
Near Glendale West Fork Cow Creek 2.469512 ft 276.046 cfs
Near Hamler West Creek 7.198288 ft 8.119 cfs
Near Hana West Wailuaiki 2.129376 ft 33.535 cfs
Near Hancock West Nishnabotna 1.159808 ft 37.771 cfs
Near Harrison Willow Creek (Southwest Mt) delayed
Near Harrisville West Branch Oswegatchie 4.628736 ft 404.891 cfs
Near Hatch Mammoth Creek Abv West Hatch Ditch, 1.509456 ft 18.003 cfs
Near Hattieville West Fork Point Remove Creek 2.459344 ft 91.074 cfs
Near Henderson West Nishnabotna 1017.44944 ft
Near Homestead West Highway Creek 0.539888 ft -92.839 cfs
Near Hornick West Fork Ditch 6.34844 ft 70.247 cfs
Near Humble West Fork San Jacinto 42.79908 ft 266.868 cfs
Near Jacksboro West Fork Trinity 3.74904 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Jacksonville Southwest Creek -0.30996 ft
Near Largo Harry S Truman Dr Southwest Branch 0.699952 ft
Near Lovington West Okaw 2.049344 ft 48.714 cfs
Near Manchester West Conewago Creek 2.109368 ft 591.628 cfs
Near Martinsville West Branch Middle Brook 2.28944 ft 3.177 cfs
Near Mcneill West Hobolochitto Creek 5.958448 ft 22.239 cfs
Near Mirabel Heights Mark West Creek 43.888696 ft 496.671 cfs
Near Muncy West Branch Susquehanna 5.288672 ft
Near Naperville West Branch Du Page 4.438824 ft 132.022 cfs
Near Oshtemo West Fork Portage Creek 1.66952 ft 12.355 cfs
Near Parishville West Branch Of The St Regis 1.8696 ft 258.749 cfs
Near Porter West Fork San Jacinto 56.6456 ft 99.193 cfs
Near Port St Joe Iww West Of Gulf Co Canal 1.279528 ft 2988.851 cfs
Near Randolph West Nishnabotna 7.138264 ft 118.961 cfs
Near Riverton West Nishnabotna 911.42672 ft
Near Roscoe West Rosebud Creek 1.25952 ft 66.717 cfs
Near Satsop West Fork Satsop 207.616784 ft
Near Shutesbury West Branch Swift 1.609496 ft 21.886 cfs
Near Skipperville (Sr 105) West Fork Choctawhatchee 2.49936 ft
Near Spruceton West Kill Below Hunter Brook 1.089616 ft 6.707 cfs
Near Tulalip West Fork Tulalip Creek 0.499872 ft 9.178 cfs
Near Wanaque West Brook 0.399832 ft 42.36 cfs
Near Warrenville West Branch Du Page 7.848056 ft 98.84 cfs
Near Wellington West Walker 0.83968 ft 32.476 cfs
Near West Chicago West Branch Du Page 4.199056 ft 42.007 cfs
Near West Kill West Kill 4.059 ft 26.475 cfs
Near Wilmurt West Canada Creek 1.269688 ft 472.667 cfs
Near Woodmore Lottsford Road Western Branch 1.749552 ft
Northbrook West Fork North Branch Chicago 1.479608 ft 36.006 cfs
North Canton West Branch Nimishillen Creek 3.75888 ft
Nr Idaho Falls Great Western Spillback 1.549472 ft
Nr Manor Western Trib To Gilleland Ck delayed
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal West End 2.6 Mile Bridge 6.908336 ft 384.77 cfs
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal West End 1 Mile Bridge 6.9782 ft 44.125 cfs
Nr Nettle Lake West Branch St Joseph 4.628736 ft 89.309 cfs
Nr Sedona West Fork Oak Creek 1.24968 ft 8.472 cfs
Nr Shertz Randolph Afb West Drain 4.738944 ft
Nr Somerton Cocopah Diversion From West Main Canal 0.979736 ft
Nr Whately West Brook 17.80548 ft 10.237 cfs
Oak Creek Reservoir West Central Texas Lakes 1983.44224 ft
O. C. Fisher Lake West Central Texas Lakes 1856.274672 ft
O.h. Ivie Reservoir West Central Texas Lakes 1520.2308 ft
Olmsted Falls West Branch Rocky delayed
Omaha West Papillion Creek At Pacific Street 8.367936 ft
Oscoda Van Etten Lake West Shore 5.228648 ft
Plainfield Pike Westconnaug 1.009584 ft 14.826 cfs
Porter Creek Rd Mark West Creek 0.339808 ft
Prompton West Branch Lackawaxen 1.389736 ft 64.599 cfs
Renovo West Branch Susquehanna 2.08936 ft 3478.462 cfs
Richardsville West Branch Croton 1.7794 ft 20.121 cfs
Riverton West Branch Farmington 5.358536 ft 164.851 cfs
Salem West Fork Blue 2.889352 ft 5.648 cfs
Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir Southwest Idaho Reservoirs 27.682872 ft
San Antonio West Elm Creek At Encino Rio -0.20992 ft
Sedalia West Plum Creek 5.31852 ft 5.295 cfs
Springville, Utah Hobble Creek At 1650 West 3.969128 ft 28.593 cfs
Stafford Forge Westecunk Creek 10.897144 ft 30.358 cfs
Stilesville West Branch Delaware 7.428216 ft 593.746 cfs
Stonewall Jackson Lake West Fork 1069.256056 ft
Stonewall Jackson Lake Tailwater West Fork 8.53784 ft 106.959 cfs
Thorpe Dam West Fork Tuckasegee 92.756104 ft
Twin Buttes Reservoir West Central Texas Lakes 1907.301632 ft
Upper Marlboro Western Branch 2.369472 ft 58.598 cfs
Upper Marlboro Marlboro Country Club Western Branch 1.009584 ft
Us 59 Nr Hungerford West Bernard Ck 73.021328 ft 99.899 cfs
Veterans Park West Hickman Creek 1.169648 ft 29.299 cfs
Walkersville West Fork 4.338784 ft
Walton West Branch Delaware 4.06884 ft 327.937 cfs
Walton West Brook 3.588976 ft 19.062 cfs
Western Run Western Run 1.189656 ft 63.54 cfs
Westfield Westfield 4.918688 ft 899.797 cfs
West Milton West Branch Susquehanna 2.90936 ft
Weston West Fork 6.678408 ft
West View West Branch Rocky 6.918176 ft 20.121 cfs
Wilcox West Branch Clarion 1.089616 ft 156.026 cfs
Williamsport West Branch Susquehanna 3.039248 ft 6407.303 cfs
Windom West Fork Des Moines 9.99744 ft 158.85 cfs
Woodfords West Fork Carson 10.00728 ft 33.182 cfs


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Barbrook Bridge Stage 50123 West Lyn River 29.6 cm
Brough West Clough Stage L3402 West Clough 277 cm
Burton Coggles Stage E2300 West Glen River 0.14 m³/s
Dalhousie Bridge West Water 42.8 cm
Darlington Faverdale Stage L35024 West Beck 15.2 cm
Dunnabridge Stage 46126 West Dart River 67.3 cm
Emsworth Stage 2716so Maod West Brook 196.4 cm
Freshwater Stage E14690 Maod Western Yar 86 cm
Hessle Western Drain Stage L32014-Ne Western Drain 9.2 cm
Hindley Wrae Ford Reservoir Level 023058 River West Allen 13.2 cm
Hull Hessle Astral Close Stage L3213 Western Drain 33.9 cm
Hwlffordd (Haverfordwest) Cleddau Wen (Western Cleddau) 80 cm
Ilfracombe Saltmer Close Stage E80547 West Wilder Brook 7.3 cm
Luffness Peffer Burn (West) 44 cm
Meldon Stage 50131 West Okement River 33.6 cm
Melin Prendergast (Prendergast Mill) Cleddau Wen (Western Cleddau) 149.5 cm
Middlesbrough Albert Park Footbridge Stage L3921a Marton West Beck 0.3 cm
Middlesbrough Albert Park Stage L3921 Marton West Beck 7 cm
Midelney Stage 52154 West Moor Drain 181.5 cm
New Kelso Carron (Wester Ross) 118.1 cm
New York Stage E4413 West Fen Catchwater Drain 43.8 cm
Revesby Stage E4976 West Fen Catchwater Drain 41.1 cm
Shillingthorpe Stage E2304 West Glen River 43.5 cm
Treffgarne Cleddau Wen (Western Cleddau) 71.9 cm
Wansford Snakeholm Lock Stage F3105 West Beck 174.4 cm
West Marsh Washlands Stage L1821 West Bank Pond 61.5 cm
West Sedgemoor Pumping Station Sump Level 52155 West Sedgemoor Drain 525 cm
Whitstable Road Stage E3060 Maod West Brook 339.3 cm