Governmental services

Would you as an authority or organisation like to provide your employees, fire brigades, shipping or the public with water information and water level warnings? Then you can make use of our services. Let us know in which/your area you would like our services (app, SMS, email...) to be available to end users free of charge. We will then clarify the service and contract details together to enable billing through you.

Our services

  1. The chargeable functions of our app and website are available for free in your area. These include:
    • Determination of unlimited number of alarms
    • Alarming by SMS and email
    • Unrestricted display of the available water level history
    • etc.
  2. You will receive direct telephone support from our team.
  3. You will receive statistical analyses of usage in your area.
  4. You will have a say in the selection of the app name in your area and will have the opportunity to present your organisation at the app launch.
  5. We adapt our data import mechanism to your needs (if you provide us with the data for your area).
  6. We answer all email and telephone inquiries from app users and take care of professional feedback in the app stores.
  7. You determine the data service life, download options and other parameters for your data.
  8. We provide our services (app, website, ...) in your language.


The costs for the services mentioned are calculated annually based on the actual number of users and charged.
Contact us. We look forward to clarifying your open questions.

Existing customers