We found 171 actual water levels for 'Tar'



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Albi Tarn -32.3 cm 29.2 m³/s
Brousse-Le-Château Tarn 32.7 cm 9.5 m³/s
Chambon-Sur-Voueize [Camping] Tardes -128.3 cm 0.2 m³/s
Champagnat Tardes 49 cm 0.1 m³/s
Cocurès Tarn 145.1 cm 0.2 m³/s
Florac [He] Tarnon -79.2 cm 1 m³/s
La Rochefoucauld Tardoire 93 cm 0.4 m³/s
Maisonnais Tardoire -89.3 cm 0.3 m³/s
Millau [He] Tarn 45.2 cm 21.7 m³/s
Moissac Tarn 300.1 cm
Moissac [Ste-Livrade] Tarn 156 cm
Montauban Tarn 43.4 cm 97.6 m³/s
Montbron [Moulin De Lavaud] Tardoire -4.5 cm 0.7 m³/s
Montbrun [Pont De Montbrun] Tarn 77.4 cm 19.9 m³/s
Mostuéjouls Tarn -7.5 cm 4.4 m³/s
St-Sulpice Tarn 64.3 cm 86.2 m³/s
Vabres-L'abbaye [Le Moulin] Dourdou [Du Tarn] 62.1 cm
Vébron Tarnon 37 cm 2 m³/s
Villeparois Bâtard 33.3 cm 0.03 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Ahane Bridge Owentaraglin 66.4 cm
Athlacca Morningstar 56.9 cm
Ballincolly Glen Tributary 23.4 cm
Glennamought Br. Glennamought Tributary 54.4 cm
Tar Bridge Tar 110.2 cm
Tar Bridge Ffws Back-Up Tar 110.9 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Castellina Di Soragna Taro 59 cm
Fornovo Taro 70 cm
Fornovo Siap Taro 19 cm
Noceto Taro -96 cm
Ostia Parmense Taro 66 cm
Parma Ovest Taro 4 cm
Pradella Taro -41 cm
Ramiola Taro 7 cm
San Secondo Taro 137 cm
Tornolo Taro 95 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Canadian Natural Resources Limited Lake Tar River 9716 cm 0.13 m³/s
Above Star Lake Star Brook 126.9 cm 3.4 m³/s
At Kingston West Branch Little Cataraqui Creek 998.3 cm 0.02 m³/s
Near Forestry Road Cataract Creek 103.2 cm 0.41 m³/s
Near Outram Tributary 909.3 cm
Near Queen Charlotte Tarundl Creek 119.1 cm 0.43 m³/s
Near Spy Hill Cutarm Creek 120.7 cm 0.18 m³/s
Near The Mouth Tar River 9761 cm 0.03 m³/s



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Taraldsvikelv Taraldsvikelva 42.3 cm 0.17 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Ryttarbacken Vid Mätstation Ryttarbacken


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
хетин (Hetin) стари бегеј (Stari Begej) -50 cm



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Burt Eighteenmile Creek (Lk Ontario) 3.049088 ft 115.784 cfs
Above New Alexandria Tide Gate Unnamed Tributary 2.889352 ft
Above Northampton Lake Dam In Lake Arbor Unnamed Tributary 0.040016 ft
Bay Dosgris Near Galliano Barataria Bay And Waterway 6.058488 ft
Bellmore Bellmore Creek Tributary 2.139544 ft 1.059 cfs
Below Heather Wash Cataract Creek 4.658912 ft
Below Jefferson Tarryall Creek 1.819416 ft
Below New Alexandria Tide Gate Unnamed Tributary 2.789312 ft
Below Northampton Lake Dam In Lake Arbor Unnamed Tributary 0.459856 ft
Brink Little Seneca Creek Tributary 4.528696 ft
Chicago (Western Ave) Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal -1.809576 ft
Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion Boutte Barataria Bay And Waterway 9.037712 ft -7.766 cfs
Dean Road, Nr Suwanee Wolf Creek Tributary 1.87944 ft
Dover Sink Nr Bartow Peace Distributary 90.29676 ft
Fairntosh Little Below Tributary 1.35956 ft 2.118 cfs
Genoa Beaver Creek (Loup Tributary) 2.849336 ft 57.539 cfs
Gibraltar Dam Gibraltar Dam Release Weir 15.10604 ft
Gibraltar Dam Gibraltar Dam Div Weir 19.37496 ft 9.531 cfs
Gowanda Cattaraugus Creek 1.0496 ft 90.721 cfs
Grand Isle Barataria Pass 8.817624 ft
Greenville Tar 4.968872 ft 838.728 cfs
Grimesland Tar 1.099784 ft
Harper Tavern Swatara Creek 0.739968 ft 216.036 cfs
Huntington Ponding Area Unnamed Tributary 2.17956 ft
Lemont Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 25.943488 ft
Lockport Lock (Tailwater) Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 539.011912 ft
Louisburg Tar 4.188888 ft 62.834 cfs
Marshallton Red Clay Creek Tributary 16.015912 ft
Mayfield Heights Unknown Tributary To Chagrin 0.51988 ft 0.706 cfs
Miami Tar Creek At 22nd Street Bridge 3.729032 ft 6.354 cfs
Middletown Silver Lake Tributary 0.609752 ft 2.118 cfs
Middletown Swatara Creek 2.459344 ft
Mud Lake S Of Lafitte Barataria Waterway 7.837888 ft
Nc581 Nr Spring Hope Tar 2.459344 ft 103.782 cfs
Nc97 In Rocky Mount Tar 3.379056 ft 128.845 cfs
Near Berkeley Springs Tributary To Warm Springs Run 43.93888 ft
Near Carroll Middle Raccoon Tributary 14.536304 ft
Near Chicken Wade Creek Tributary 19.485168 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Clarksburg Little Seneca Creek Tributary 4.318776 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Colesville Paint Branch Tributary 1.479608 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Colton Nate Creek Tributary 1.719704 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Commerce Tar Creek 8.01796 ft 1.765 cfs
Near Cordova Glacier Tributary 54.316144 ft 42.007 cfs
Near Dellroy Unnamed Tributary 4.808808 ft
Near Elliot Tarkio 2.649256 ft
Near Fairfax Tarkio 5.30868 ft 11.649 cfs
Near Farmer Unnamed Tributary 0.849848 ft
Near Farrell Overcup Slough Tributary No 2 2.1894 ft
Near Freeland L Nescopeck Creek Tributary 2.479352 ft 96.016 cfs
Near Friars Point Mill Creek Tributary 165.337584 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Germantown Little Seneca Creek Tributary 0.41984 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Greenbelt Unnamed Tributary Below Greenbelt Lake 1.609496 ft
Near Hershey Swatara Creek 1.809576 ft 294.049 cfs
Near Inlet Buck Creek, South Tributary, delayed
Near Inlet Buck Creek, North Tributary, delayed
Near Inwood Swatara Creek 2.579392 ft 129.904 cfs
Near Langley Crossroads Tar 1.209664 ft 104.841 cfs
Near Middle River Unnamed Tributary 6.618384 ft
Near Palmyra Swatara Creek 3.419072 ft 262.985 cfs
Near Pine Grove Swatara Creek 3.33904 ft 95.663 cfs
Near Rauville South Branch Tributary Mud Creek 0.220088 ft
Near Ruch Star Gulch 0.799664 ft
Near Stanton East Tarkio Creek 1.34972 ft
Near Tar River Tar 1.8696 ft 15.885 cfs
Near Three Points Altar Wash 1.25952 ft
Near Waltham Stony Brook, Unnamed Tributary 1, 3.349208 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Woodlawn Dead Run Tributary 0.160064 ft
New Alexandria Pump Station - Upstream Unnamed Tributary 1.589488 ft
New Alexandria Storm Water Pumping Station - Downstream Unnamed Tributary 3.159296 ft
Nr Dunkirk Unnamed Tributary To Blanchard 1.539632 ft
Nr Lemont Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 25.733568 ft 2259.2 cfs
Nr North Danville Pope Brook Tributary (W-9), 0.169904 ft
Nr Wesley Chapel Cypress Creek Tributary 58.814992 ft 0.353 cfs
Pagedale River Des Peres Tributary 2.329456 ft
Pepper Pike Unknown Tributary To Chagrin 5.978456 ft 5.295 cfs
Pueblo Arkansas Tributary Above Hwy 227 2.519368 ft 31.064 cfs
Redlands Crossing Cataract Creek 3.978968 ft
Rittman Unnamed Tributary To Styx 2.449504 ft
Rock Springs Tar 3.649 ft
Rocky Mount Tar At Us301 Bypass
Romeoville Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 25.433448 ft
S-551, Near Oldsmar Lake Tarpon Canal 11.45704 ft
Saxis Chesapeake Bay Near Starling Creek 3.389224 ft
Stickney Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal -1.749552 ft
Tarboro Tar 2.759136 ft 460.665 cfs
Tarryall Reservoir Tarryall Creek 31.23216 ft
Upper Station Near Como Tarryall Creek 5.038736 ft 9.884 cfs
West Closure Cpx1 Near Woodmere Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.209664 ft
Whiskey Canal Barataria Bay And Waterway At Lake Cataouatche 7.17828 ft
Woodlawn Tributary To Dead Run Tributary 0.499872 ft
Woodlawn Dead Run Tributary 2.779144 ft 0.706 cfs