We found 115 actual water levels for 'South Fork'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Buffalo Bill Reservoir South Fork Shoshone 5.678664 ft 1079.474 cfs
Above Carrier Mills South Fork Saline 2.319288 ft 127.786 cfs
Above Dixie Creek South Fork Humboldt 4.219064 ft 763.539 cfs
Above Hopkinsville South Fork Little 2.849336 ft
Above Pinehurst South Fork Coeur D'alene 87.767552 ft 489.964 cfs
Above Santa Fe South Fork Salt 4.099016 ft 27.534 cfs
Above Senecaville Lake South Fork 3.75888 ft
Above Springfield South Fork Edisto 336.762 cfs
Above Ten Mile Creek South Fork Humboldt 7.198288 ft 786.837 cfs
Atlanta South Fork Peachtree Creek 3.499104 ft 15.179 cfs
Below Anderson Ranch Dam South Fork Boise 3.01924 ft 1619.211 cfs
Below Cougar Dam South Fork Mckenzie 1.819416 ft 317.7 cfs
Below Macfarlan South Fork Hughes 4.298768 ft 50.126 cfs
Below Monetta South Fork Edisto 4.3788 ft
Below Rochester - Aux South Fork Sangamon 8.64772 ft
Booneville South Fork Kentucky 5.188632 ft 509.732 cfs
Brandywine South Fork South Branch Potomac 2.019496 ft 89.662 cfs
Buckeye Lake Near Watkins Island South Fork Licking 891.771648 ft
Clarkston South Fork Peachtree Creek 3.21932 ft 2.118 cfs
Clinton South Fork Of Little Red 4.398808 ft 332.879 cfs
Cynthiana South Fork Licking 5.258496 ft 8.119 cfs
Delano South Fork Crow 10.83712 ft
Front Royal South Fork Shenandoah 3.359048 ft 2998.735 cfs
Hayes South Fork Licking 2.469512 ft 431.719 cfs
Hopkinsville - Bypass South Fork Little 6.9782 ft 47.655 cfs
Hopkinsville Hwy 68 80 South Fork Little River 4.958704 ft 16.238 cfs
Interstate 70 Near Buckeye Lake South Fork Licking 871.736752 ft
Jackson South Fork Forked Deer 24.303816 ft
Jordan Rd. Bridge South Fork Stillaguamish 6.088336 ft
Kirkersville South Fork Licking 4.728776 ft 18.709 cfs
Krassel Ranger Station South Fork Salmon 1.87944 ft 1529.196 cfs
Kurtz South Fork Salt Creek 2.659424 ft 24.71 cfs
Leatherwood Ford Big South Fork Cumberland Near Oneida 4.26892 ft 832.727 cfs
Lowell South Fork Catawba 3.818904 ft 972.515 cfs
Lowman South Fork Payette 4.928856 ft 2009.276 cfs
Luray South Fork Shenandoah 4.219064 ft 2338.978 cfs
Martinsdale South Fork Musselshell 2.17956 ft 151.084 cfs
Millersville South Fork Jabez Branch 3.508944 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Alto South Fork Eagle Creek 0.140056 ft
Near Alto Eagle Creek Below South Fork 5.648488 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Arlee South Fork Jocko 1.109624 ft 204.74 cfs
Near Audubon Park South Fork Beargrass Creek 1.739712 ft 3.883 cfs
Near Augusta South Fork Sun 0.899704 ft 661.875 cfs
Near Bamberg South Fork Edisto 8.627712 ft 516.792 cfs
Near Bull Run South Fork Bull Run 3.299024 ft 43.066 cfs
Near Carnation South Fork Tolt 1.949632 ft 73.424 cfs
Near Cholollo South Fork Tule 2.349464 ft 50.126 cfs
Near Columbia Falls South Fork Flathead 5.658656 ft 3008.619 cfs
Near Cope South Fork Edisto 8.077984 ft 506.908 cfs
Near Cottonwood South Fork Bad 4.469 ft
Near Damascus South Fork Holston 4.059 ft
Near Denmark South Fork Edisto 5.5186 ft 502.672 cfs
Near Ely South Fork Kawishiwi 3.789056 ft 792.838 cfs
Near Ewing South Fork Elkhorn 3.239328 ft
Near Garcia South Fork Snoqualmie Near South Fork Snoqualmie R 11.207104 ft 264.044 cfs
Near Granite Falls South Fork Stillaguamish 4.728776 ft
Near Greenfield South Fork Obion 5.258496 ft 567.624 cfs
Near Halls South Fork Forked Deer -0.359816 ft
Near Heath South Fork Licking 5.688504 ft 202.975 cfs
Near Hebron South Fork Licking 3.009072 ft 104.841 cfs
Near Henry Fork South Fork Catawba 1.639672 ft 117.902 cfs
Near Houston South Fork Root 2.019496 ft 144.024 cfs
Near Hungry Horse South Fork Flathead Above Twin Creek 5.668496 ft 4897.875 cfs
Near Huntsville South Fork Ogden 3.649 ft 566.918 cfs
Near Hyampom South Fork Trinity 5.538608 ft 686.585 cfs
Near Independent Hill South Fork Quantico Creek 3.009072 ft 2.118 cfs
Near Index South Fork Tolt 1.34972 ft 30.711 cfs
Near Kellogg South Fork Coeur D'alene 23.993856 ft 487.846 cfs
Near Laboratory South Fork Catawba 1.829584 ft 285.93 cfs
Near Lafayette South Fork Wildcat Creek 3.309192 ft 282.047 cfs
Near Leal South Fork Of Williams Fork 2.329456 ft 97.781 cfs
Near Leggett 1nw South Fork Eel 4.528696 ft 225.92 cfs
Near Lynnwood South Fork Shenandoah 4.318776 ft 1759.352 cfs
Near Mayer South Fork Crow 5.888584 ft
Near Milbank South Fork Whetstone 1104.786984 ft
Near Miranda South Fork Eel 6.808296 ft 190.973 cfs
Near New Providence South Fork Iowa 4.079008 ft 290.872 cfs
Near Ophir South Fork San Miguel 1.609496 ft 117.902 cfs
Near Owl City South Fork Forked Deer 9.15776 ft 745.536 cfs
Near Parrish South Fork Little Manatee 12.946816 ft
Near Penney Farms South Fork Black Creek 0.669776 ft 30.005 cfs
Near Pinehurst South Fork Coeur D'alene 5.61864 ft 637.871 cfs
Near Promise City South Fork Chariton 4.308936 ft 132.022 cfs
Near Prospect South Fork Rogue 7.888072 ft 328.996 cfs
Near Quinlan South Fork Sabine 4.568712 ft 7.06 cfs
Near Rexburg South Fork Teton 7.627968 ft 1399.292 cfs
Near Rochester South Fork Sangamon 5.758368 ft 328.996 cfs
Near Rochester 5sw South Fork Zumbro 82.048872 ft
Near Roosevelt South Fork Parker Creek -0.189912 ft
Near Saxon Bridge South Fork Nooksack 1.409744 ft 472.667 cfs
Near Scotland South Fork Of Little Red 1.289696 ft 157.085 cfs
Near Sf Moorefield South Fork South Branch Potomac 3.559128 ft 252.042 cfs
Near Shawsville South Fork Roanoke 1.269688 ft 192.032 cfs
Near Springfield 1n South Fork Dry Sac 1.539632 ft 23.298 cfs
Near Sultan South Fork Sultan 8.517832 ft 77.66 cfs
Near The Sea Ranch South Fork Gualala 5.068584 ft 58.598 cfs
Near Union South Fork Skokomish 1.609496 ft 229.803 cfs
Near Wahiawa South Fork Kaukonahua 1.889608 ft
Near Waterford South Fork Catoctin Creek 1.009584 ft 12.708 cfs
Near Whitesville South Fork Panther Creek 5.218808 ft 17.65 cfs
Near Wildwood South Fork Chehalis Rver delayed
Near Wimauma South Fork Little Manatee 9.817368 ft 4.236 cfs
Nr Howe South Fork Cowikee Creek 11.526904 ft 181.795 cfs
Nr Riverside South Fork Malheur 7.687992 ft 9.178 cfs
Oneida South Fork Kentucky 6.498336 ft
Pine (Near Featherville) South Fork Boise 3.998976 ft 2128.943 cfs
Pratt South Fork Ninnescah 2.559384 ft 6.354 cfs
Pullman South Fork Palouse 1.029592 ft 6.001 cfs
Riverside Nr Chilhowie South Fork Holston 2.279272 ft 219.919 cfs
Rochester South Fork Zumbro 3.209152 ft 219.919 cfs
Saddle South Fork Spring 2.209408 ft 176.853 cfs
Skykomish South Fork Skykomish 19.27492 ft 1639.332 cfs
Smithfield South Fork Fishing Creek 2.319288 ft 8.472 cfs
Stites South Fork Clearwater 5.028568 ft 2678.917 cfs
Wallace South Fork Coeur D'alene 12.966824 ft 305.698 cfs