We found 53 actual water levels for 'Ohio'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Emsworth L D Pool Ohio 16.475768 ft
Above Henderson Ohio 16.735872 ft
Above Mouth Nr Gunnison Ohio Creek 2.29928 ft 154.967 cfs
Above Sardis Ohio 12.60668 ft 58875.458 cfs
Ashland Ohio 34.711256 ft
Belleville Lock Ohio 16.925784 ft
Below Riverview Pk Nr Louisville Ohio 17.855336 ft
Cairo Ohio 39.609936 ft
Cannelton Lock And Dam Ohio 16.055928 ft 116951.371 cfs
Cincinnati Ohio 29.342552 ft
Clifty Creek Ohio 424.761312 ft
Dashields Lock And Dam Ohio 15.386152 ft 31086.945 cfs
Emsworth Lock And Dam Ohio 15.605912 ft
Evansville Ohio 19.334944 ft
Golconda Ohio 30.762136 ft
Hannibal Lock And Dam Ohio 14.956144 ft
Hannibal Lock And Dam (Upper) Ohio 13.02652 ft
Huntington Ohio 26.843192 ft
Ironton Ohio 34.311096 ft 80966.198 cfs
J.t. Myers Lock And Dam Ohio 22.81404 ft
Kosmosdale Ohio 16.605656 ft
Lloyd Greenup Lock Ohio 21.204544 ft 84564.68 cfs
Louisville Water Tower Ohio 12.746736 ft 123948.184 cfs
Marietta Pumphouse Ohio 18.365376 ft
Markland Lower Ohio 21.504336 ft 122948.841 cfs
Maysville Ohio 34.651232 ft
Mcalpine Lower Ohio 20.30484 ft 116951.371 cfs
Mcalpine Upper Ohio 12.956656 ft
Meldahl Dam Ohio 20.83456 ft
Montgomery Lock And Dam Ohio 13.446688 ft
Mount Vernon Ohio 25.493472 ft
Near Baldwin Ohio Creek 6.298256 ft 308.875 cfs
Near West Union Ohio Brush Creek 3.369216 ft 386.888 cfs
Newburgh Lock And Dam Ohio 20.464904 ft
New Cumberland Lock And Dam Ohio 14.876112 ft
New Cumberland Lock & Dam (Upper) Ohio R 12.256704 ft
Ohioview Ohio R Ab Montgomery Dam & Locks 12.39676 ft
Olmsted Lock And Dam Headwater Ohio 32.651744 ft 394835.442 cfs
Owensboro At Riverport Ohio 20.364864 ft
Paducah Ohio 27.542816 ft
Parkersburg Ohio 22.354184 ft
Pike Island Dam Nr Wheeling (Upper) Ohio R 12.376752 ft
Pike Island Lock And Dam Ohio 16.475768 ft
Pittsburgh Ohio 16.485936 ft
Point Pleasant Ohio 25.583344 ft
Portsmouth Ohio 21.14452 ft
Racine Lock Ohio 18.0154 ft
R C Byrd Lock Ohio 20.254656 ft
Sewickley Ohio (Lower Pool) 13.686456 ft
Smithland Dam, Smithland, Ky Ohio 12.666704 ft 202915.343 cfs
Smithland Lock And Dam Ohio 25.323568 ft
Wheeling Ohio 18.195472 ft
Willow Island Lock Ohio 17.2856 ft