We found 39 actual water levels for 'Diversion'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
At Drop Structure Elbow Diversion Canal 132.7 cm 2.51 m³/s
Below Head Gates Pine Coulee Diversion Canal 777 cm 1.08 m³/s
Canal Waterton - Belly Diversion 261.3 cm 43.9 m³/s
Canal Belly - St. Mary Diversion 363.1 cm 54.9 m³/s
Near Campbell River Quinsam Diversion 115 cm 0.13 m³/s
Near Estevan Boundary Reservoir Diversion Canal 44.7 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near Portage La Prairie Portage Diversion 26027.8 cm 13.2 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Abv. Lago Guerrero Canal Principal Diversion 51.51 cm 0.64 m³/s
Blw Forebay, Isabela Canal Principal Diversion 161.24 cm 0.58 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Avenue 9e Pumping Plant City Of Yuma Diversion 19.415 cfs
Bridge Creek, Near Bend Diversion 7.558104 ft 13.061 cfs
Dieringer Lake Tapps Diversion 5.71868 ft 18.356 cfs
Grafton Park At Park Diversion 23.583856 ft
Grahamsville Neversink Res Diversion Channel 54.362 cfs
Head Near Arco Big Lost Above Inl Diversion 47.937856 ft
Highway 26 Bridge Wind Below Below Diversion Dam 2.419328 ft
Moreauville Bayou Des Glaises Diversion Ch. 3.11928 ft 994.754 cfs
Near Aitkin Mississippi Diversion 2.469512 ft 13.061 cfs
Near Greenwood Greenwood Diversion 1.749552 ft 7.06 cfs
Near Hoosier Pass Monte Cristo Diversion 1.469768 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Hoosier Pass Bemrose-Hoosier Diversion 0.029848 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Horace Sheyenne Above Sheyenne Diversion 21.544352 ft 273.928 cfs
Near Landsburg Cedar Below Diversion 3.309192 ft 284.871 cfs
Near Salmon Lemhi Below L5 Diversion 1.829584 ft 298.991 cfs
Near Santa Fe Tesuque Creek Above Diversions 4.958704 ft 3.177 cfs
Near Santa Fe Rio Tesuque Below Diversions 0.120048 ft 5.295 cfs
Near Sevier Clear Creek Above Diversions, 3.568968 ft 75.542 cfs
Near Sultan Sultan Below Diversion Dam 26.083216 ft 163.086 cfs
Near Wickersham Skookum Creek Above Diversion 1.099784 ft 66.364 cfs
Near Yuma Mcas Diversion Of B Canal 1.639672 ft 1.059 cfs
Nr Defiance Diversion To Wetland Nr Winn Rd 4.618896 ft
Nr Redwood Big Sunflower Diversion Canal 84.9684 ft
Nr Somerton Cocopah Diversion From West Main Canal 0.979736 ft
Nr Winter Park Vasquez Diversion 3 0.439848 ft 0.353 cfs
Nr Winter Park Vasquez Diversion 2 0.959728 ft 1.412 cfs
Quincy Town Brook At Diversion Tunnel 16.785728 ft
Schoharie Reservoir Diversion Schoharie Reservoir 1.839424 ft 0.353 cfs
South Of Whitehall Amite Diversion 6.638392 ft 375.945 cfs
Yuma Municipal Diversion From Yuma Main 19.415 cfs