We found 9 actual water levels for 'Cuyahoga'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Akron Lock 1 Outlet Little Cuyahoga 3.359048 ft 10.237 cfs
Above Jaite Cuyahoga 2.789312 ft 375.945 cfs
Above Long Lake Feeder To Ohio And Erie Canal Cuyahoga 1.059768 ft 13.767 cfs
Cleveland Cuyahoga At Rivergate Park 5.368704 ft
Hiram Rapids Cuyahoga 2.049344 ft 120.02 cfs
Independence Cuyahoga 3.159296 ft 450.781 cfs
Lower Harvard Brdg In Cleveland Cuyahoga R 23.234208 ft
Near Newburgh Heights Cuyahoga 70.171992 ft 517.851 cfs
Old Portage Cuyahoga 2.939208 ft 217.801 cfs