We found 15 actual water levels for 'Bow River'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
At Banff Bow River 202.4 cm 19 m³/s
At Bragg Creek Elbow River 76.4 cm 4.01 m³/s
At Calgary Bow River 77.6 cm 36 m³/s
At Carmangay Little Bow River 22.4 cm 0.56 m³/s
At Lake Louise Bow River 111.4 cm 3.79 m³/s
At Sarcee Bridge Elbow River 358.4 cm 3.97 m³/s
Below Bassano Dam Bow River 98.8 cm 12.5 m³/s
Below Carseland Dam Bow River 238.4 cm 33.3 m³/s
Below Glenmore Dam Elbow River 54.7 cm 2.7 m³/s
Below Travers Dam Little Bow River 792.1 cm 0.97 m³/s
Development Drain D Near Vauxhall Bow River 60.2 cm
Development Main Canal Below Headgates Bow River 90695.5 cm 2.4 m³/s
Near Cochrane Bow River 1620.9 cm 40.7 m³/s
Near The Mouth Little Bow River 48.4 cm 1.95 m³/s
Near The Mouth Bow River 501.8 cm 19.2 m³/s