Trovati 109 livelli idrici aggiornati per 'Middle'


Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
Above Ethel Middle Maitland River 562.2 cm 26.6 m³/s
At Maclennans Cross Middle River 108.3 cm 4.85 m³/s
At Sandwith's Farm Middle Branch Nashwaaksis Stream 39.8 cm 0.07 m³/s
At Thamesford Middle Thames River 938.3 cm 10.5 m³/s
Near Bathurst Middle River 86.8 cm 2.01 m³/s
Near Belgrave Middle Maitland River 1130.9 cm 43.4 m³/s
Near Gambo Middle Brook 301.3 cm 7.39 m³/s
Near Govenlock Middle Creek 129.4 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near Listowel Middle Maitland River 716.9 cm 2.28 m³/s
Near Tahtsa Reach Whitesail Middle Creek 192 cm 0.02 m³/s
Of Pictou At Rocklin Middle River 64 cm 2.97 m³/s


Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
Above Harrisburg Middle Fork Saline 9.047552 ft
Above Oakwood Middle Fork Vermilion 1.899448 ft 319.818 cfs
Above Tankersley Middle Concho 4.928856 ft
Adolph Middle Fork Tygart Valley 3.989136 ft
Argyle Middle delayed
Athens Middle Oconee At Us 78 1.34972 ft 220.978 cfs
Audra Middle Fork Tygart Valley 2.90936 ft 232.98 cfs
Bar C Ranch Middle Fork Powder 0.349976 ft
Bayou Long Middle Fork Bayou Long 2.569224 ft
Below Lyman Lake, Nr Greer Middle Tyger 3.519112 ft
Blw Green Peter Dam Nr Foster Middle Santiam R 698.761032 ft
Bound Brook Middle Brook 5.178792 ft
Bristow Middle Fork Anderson 4.328944 ft 6.354 cfs
Buckhorn Lake Middle Fork Kentucky 758.185776 ft
Burnt Mills Middle Brook 4.15904 ft 14.12 cfs
Canton Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek 1.289696 ft 10.59 cfs
Commerce Middle Sulphur 1.889608 ft 0.353 cfs
Crouch Middle Fork Payette 5.748528 ft 193.797 cfs
Dearborn Heights Middle Rouge 5.078752 ft 178.971 cfs
Edison Middle Fork Brush Creek 22.0744 ft
Ellamore Middle Fork Tygart Valley 3.719192 ft
Fillmore Middle Branch Root 996.054984 ft
Guthrie 19ne Middle Wichita 8.357768 ft
Humboldt Middle Branch Escanaba 1.859432 ft 13.767 cfs
Hwy 173n Near Hondo Middle Verde Creek 3.159296 ft
Hwy28 Nr Buckhorn Middle Fk Kentucky 3.798896 ft
Lincoln (Sw 63rd Street) Middle Creek 1.849592 ft 1.059 cfs
Little Middle Island Creek 3.269176 ft 282.753 cfs
Macomb Middle Branch Clinton 6.268408 ft 59.304 cfs
Middle Middle R 7.468232 ft 2329.094 cfs
Middle Fork Lodge Middle Fork Salmon 1.679688 ft 614.573 cfs
Middleton South Middleton Drain 1.24968 ft 16.591 cfs
Mill Slough Middleton N. Middleton Drain 4.928856 ft 34.241 cfs
Moretz Dam Nr Bethlehem Middle Little R 4.308936 ft 23.651 cfs
Near Arcade Middle Oconee 2.939208 ft 229.803 cfs
Near Barnum Middle Fork Powder 5.238816 ft 12.002 cfs
Near Bayard Middle Raccoon 8.407952 ft 20.474 cfs
Near Carroll Middle Raccoon Tributary 14.67636 ft
Near Cascadia Middle Santiam R 7.988112 ft
Near Clayton Middle Creek 1.909616 ft 33.182 cfs
Near Cleveland Middle Saluda 1.749552 ft 19.062 cfs
Near Clifton Middle Fork Beargrass Creek 1.96964 ft 4.236 cfs
Near Consul 14 Wsw Lodge Creek Near On Middle Ck Nr Govenlock 1766.237688 ft
Near Dannebrog Turkey Creek (Trib. To Middle Loup) 4.199056 ft
Near Demming Middle Fork Noocksack 3.419072 ft 683.761 cfs
Near Dexter Middle Fork Willamette 3.169136 ft 1949.266 cfs
Near Dime Box Middle Yegua Creek 0.329968 ft
Near Dos Rios Middle Fork Eel 3.709024 ft 658.698 cfs
Near Dunning Middle Loup 2.999232 ft 493.847 cfs
Near Ewing Middle Fabius 3.719192 ft 22.592 cfs
Near Fairview Middle Fork Forked Deer 4.248912 ft 115.078 cfs
Near Gates, Nebr. Middle Loup 4.778632 ft 762.833 cfs
Near Gila Hot Springs Middle Fork Gila 5.798384 ft 14.12 cfs
Near Gramling Middle Tyger 6.488496 ft 20.827 cfs
Near Grottoes Middle 3.499104 ft 129.904 cfs
Near Holliday Middle Fork Salt 4.618896 ft 20.121 cfs
Near Hyden Middle Fork Kentucky 4.408976 ft
Near Indianola Middle (Central Ia) 6.698416 ft 11.296 cfs
Near Kaycee Middle Fork Powder 2.849336 ft
Near Lacey Middle Creek 74.510776 ft
Near Lyman Middle Tyger 1.939464 ft 28.946 cfs
Near Martinsville West Branch Middle Brook 2.349464 ft 1.765 cfs
Near Mcgregor Middle Bosque 2.48952 ft 3.53 cfs
Near Meadowview 4se Middle Fork Holston 2.239584 ft 130.963 cfs
Near M Fk Snoqualmie R Nr Tanner Middle Fork Snoqualmie 1.87944 ft 1979.271 cfs
Near Middlebourne Middle Island Creek 9.557592 ft 278.87 cfs
Near Minturn Middle Creek 2.219576 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Oronoco 1w North Branch Middle Fork Zumbro 944.218192 ft
Near Portola Middle Fork Feather 4844.769264 ft
Near Princeton Middle Branch Escanaba 1.629504 ft 100.958 cfs
Near Startex Middle Tyger 2.81916 ft
Near St Matthews Middle Fork Beargrass Creek 0.479864 ft 4.589 cfs
Near St Paul Middle Loup 1.549472 ft 1059.706 cfs
Near Tallega Middle Fork Kentucky 4.548704 ft 56.833 cfs
Near Upper Lake Middle Creek 5.588464 ft
Near West Glacier Middle Fork Flathead 1.929624 ft 695.763 cfs
Near West Grove,pa Middle Branch White Clay Creek 3.039248 ft 4.236 cfs
Near West Union Middle Island Creek 8.138008 ft 12.708 cfs
Near Whitewater State Park Middle Fork Whitewater 9.197776 ft
Nederland Middle Boulder Creek 0.62976 ft
Nr Bernice Middle Fk Byu D'arbonne 1.56948 ft 593.746 cfs
Nr Holt Middle R 13.706464 ft 668.582 cfs
Nr Rickardsville Middle Fk Little Maquoketa R 9.26764 ft
Oronoco South Branch Middle Fork Zumbro 943.018368 ft
Panora Middle Raccoon 3.878928 ft 20.121 cfs
Paulding Middle Branch Ontonagon 5.088592 ft 216.036 cfs
Pawnee Lake North Branch Of Middle Creek 1241.052288 ft
Port Wentworth Middle At Fish Hole -0.160064 ft -3668.376 cfs
Port Wentworth Middle At Ga 25 1.0496 ft 916.741 cfs
Ritter Middle Fork John Day 1.919456 ft 166.969 cfs
Rockville Middle Loup 5.738688 ft
Sask Border Nr Elkwater 19sw Lodge Creek At On Middle Ck 5.348696 ft
Seven Mile Ford Middle Fork Holston 1.35956 ft 76.601 cfs
Shirley Middle Fork Of Little Red 5.52844 ft 115.078 cfs
Sinks Canyon Middle Fork Popo Agie 2.169392 ft
Twin Lakes Reservoir South Branch Of Middle Creek 1336.43764 ft
Wasioja South Branch Middle Fork Zumbro 0.41984 ft
Whitewater State Park Group Camp Middle Fork Whitewater 35.760856 ft