We found 285 actual water levels for 'Rea'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Los Antiguos - Los Antiguos Stream A38 34 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Cahan [Les Planches - Cd 911] Noireau 26.3 cm 1.79 m³/s
Condé-Sur-Noireau [Rue Du Moulin Biot] Noireau 43.2 cm 1.56 m³/s
Saint-Paul-Le-Gaultier [Chiantin] Merdereau 26.4 cm 0.58 m³/s
Saint-Pierre-D'entremont Noireau 20.3 cm 0.82 m³/s
Vœuil-Et-Giget Charreau 36.4 cm 0.58 m³/s



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Dogliani Rea Rea 26 cm
Sesto Fiorentino (Radio) Fosso Reale 23 cm




Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Grea Vid Mätstation Grea 1.85 m³/s
Simlången Utloppet Av Brearedssjön 1.91 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
6 Miles E Of Lakeside Gsl Breach 4193.626288 ft 2149.064 cfs
Above Flandreau Flandreau Creek 8.527672 ft 588.804 cfs
Above Great Salt Lake Great Salt Lake 4190.926848 ft 8976255.558 cfs
Above Scottsdale Reata Pass Wash 0.299792 ft
Bedford Shawsheen At Great Rd 8.867808 ft
Bl Brea Dam Nr Fullerton Brea C 1.159808 ft 0.706 cfs
Canton Ponkapoag Brk Upstream Rt 138 17.645416 ft 1.412 cfs
Cheshire Honeypot Brook At Creamery Road 2.839168 ft 2.824 cfs
Dayton Great Miami 23.903984 ft 641.754 cfs
Denver Weir Gulch Upstream From 1st Ave. 8.64772 ft 2.118 cfs
Eden 10 Water Conservation Area 3-B 6.628224 ft
Eden 11 Water Conservation Area 2-A 12.326896 ft
Eden 12 Water Conservation Area 3-A 8.687736 ft
Eden 13 Water Conservation Area 2-B 7.757856 ft
Eden 14 Water Conservation Area 3-A 9.877392 ft
Eden 4 Water Conservation Area 3-A 9.077728 ft
Eden 5 Water Conservation Area 3-A 10.077472 ft
Eden 7 Water Conservation Area 3-B 6.428472 ft
Eden 8 Water Conservation Area 3-A 8.447968 ft
Eden 9 Water Conservation Area 3-A 9.397528 ft
Feeder Ditch East Of Lake Drummond Great Dismal Swamp Canal 4.328944 ft
Folsom Great Egg Harbor 3.778888 ft 64.246 cfs
Franklin Great Miami 0.779656 ft 794.603 cfs
Great Kills Great Kills Harbor 4.028824 ft
Hakalau Stream Hakalau Stream 17.095688 ft 5.295 cfs
Hamilton Great Miami 62.863824 ft 973.574 cfs
Havasu Nwr Near Needles, Ca Firebreak Canal 5.468744 ft 20.121 cfs
Joyce Creek Near South Mills Great Dismal Swamp Canal 1.339552 ft
Lakeside Gsl Breach 6.96836 ft 360.766 cfs
Lindenhurst Great South Bay 1.709536 ft
Mccook Reservoir Mainstream Deep Tunnel -204.967528 ft
Miamisburg Great Miami 3.699184 ft 650.579 cfs
Miamitown Great Miami 0.92988 ft 640.695 cfs
Middletown Great Miami 2.139544 ft 1039.585 cfs
Millbrae San Andreas Lake 433.069224 ft 11795.142 cfs
Near Arbuckle Landing Great Dismal Swamp Canal 1.379568 ft
Near Blue Anchor Great Egg Harbor 2.759136 ft 34.241 cfs
Near Everglades City Upstream Broad 0.899704 ft 108.018 cfs
Near Fairbanks Goldstream Creek 10.427448 ft
Near Faith Moreau delayed
Near Flamingo North Upstream Of Cutoff 0.10988 ft -321.936 cfs
Near Flint Thread Creek 1.97948 ft 30.711 cfs
Near Fort Drum S-253 Weir Upstream 23.823952 ft
Near Ft Ogden Prairie Creek Upstream Of Sr 31 7.48824 ft 130.963 cfs
Near Hiawassee Hiwassee Near Streak Hill Road 1.97948 ft 46.949 cfs
Near Homestead Upstream Taylor 0.189912 ft 7.413 cfs
Near Jefferson City Moreau 1.56948 ft 25.769 cfs
Near Livengood Goldstream Creek 43.808664 ft 1.059 cfs
Near Mark Center Outflow Tile To Bioreactor 0.399832 ft
Near Mark Center Inflow Tile To Bioreactor 0.769816 ft
Near Melcher-Dallas White Breast Creek (Southern Ia) 6.208384 ft 4.589 cfs
Near Sicklerville Great Egg Harbor 4.108856 ft 8.119 cfs
Near Taylorsville Great Miami 1.8696 ft 259.808 cfs
Near Uvalde 23n Dry Frio Near Reagan Wells 1.789568 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Whitehorse Moreau 2.889352 ft 110.842 cfs
North Loxahatchee Conservation Area No. 1 15.036176 ft
Nr Andytown Site 63 In Conservation Area No. 3a 10.597352 ft
Nr Andytown Site 76 In Conservation Area 3b 7.928088 ft
Nr Andytown Site 62 In Conservation Area 3a 12.106808 ft
Nr Boynton Bch Site 8t In Cons Area No.1 16.395736 ft
Nr Boynton Bch. Site 8c Nr L-40 In Cons Area No.1 16.56564 ft
Nr Coopertown Site 71 In Conservation Area 3b 8.118 ft
Nr Coopertown Site 65 In Conservation Area 3a 9.647464 ft
Nr Coopertown Fl. Site 64 In Conservation Area 3a 10.507152 ft
Nr Coral Springs Site 17 Nr L-38, Cons Area 2a 12.526648 ft
Nr Coral Springs Site 19 In Conservation Area 2a 11.956912 ft
Nr Idaho Falls Great Western Spillback 1.759392 ft 147.907 cfs
Nr Lakin Amazon Great Eastern Ditch 2.789312 ft 59.304 cfs
Nr Lakin Stage A, [Stage Below 2.3 Ft Unreliable] Amazon Great Eastern Ditch 2.799152 ft
Nr Nunley Gap Cr Nr Wolf Pen Gap Rec Area 8.727752 ft 1.059 cfs
Nr Palm Springs Andreas C 2.169392 ft 1.059 cfs
Nr Shawano Site 7 In Cons Area No. 1 16.25568 ft
Nr Sunrise Site 99 Nr L-35a In Cons Area 2b 9.187608 ft
Ocean City Great Egg Harbor Bay 3.199312 ft
Paterson Passaic R At Passaic (Great) Falls 115.240504 ft
Perry Mills Great Chazy 2.789312 ft 345.94 cfs
Piqua Great Miami 1.059768 ft 124.962 cfs
Polk City Big Creek Ponding Area (Central Ia) 36.990528 ft
Princeton Big Bureau Creek 2.969384 ft 108.018 cfs
Promise Moreau 8.42796 ft
Saltair Boat Harbor Great Salt Lake 4193.626288 ft
Sidney Great Miami 1.079776 ft 112.96 cfs
Site 69 Conservation Area 3bnr Coopertown 10.117488 ft
Site 69 East Gage, Ngvd29 Conservation Area 3bnr Coopertown 8.927832 ft
Site 69 East Navd88 Conservation Area 3bnr Coopertown 7.268152 ft
South Loxahatchee Conservation Area No. 1 14.88628 ft
Stone Harbor Great Channel 3.619152 ft
Tailrace, Great Falls,sc Great Falls Reservoir 281.967824 ft
Ti-9 Water Conservation Area 3-B 6.478328 ft
Tracey Mills Big Presque Isle Stream 1.849592 ft
Troy Great Miami 2.349464 ft 180.03 cfs
W-11 Water Conservation Area 3-A 9.06756 ft
W-18 Water Conservation Area 3-A 9.637624 ft
W-2 Water Conservation Area 3-A 8.158016 ft
Watch Hill Great South Bay 1.609496 ft
West Sayville Great South Bay 1.509456 ft


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Aldington Upstream Stage E4351 East Stour Trib Great Stour 6.1 cm
Aylesford Stream Stage E4412 Old Mill Stream 92.2 cm
Bagnor Stage 2264th Winterbourne Stream 13.2 cm
Bedford Stage E21609 River Great Ouse 29 cm
Bell Lane Grill Stage E8730 Maod Winterbourne Stream 473.4 cm
Black Bull Road Stage 1285so Pent Stream 11.5 cm
Bolingey Cocks Bridge Stage 48110 Bolingey Stream 21.7 cm
Bonehurst Bridge Stage 3235th Burstow Stream 186.2 cm
Borough Bridge Weir Stage E12551 Candover Stream 24.2 cm
Borough Grove Stage 2438so Maod Petersfield Stream 5925.5 cm
Bosham Moreton Road Stage E11090 Bosham Stream 21.8 cm
Brackley Stage E23726 River Great Ouse 23.8 cm
Brampton Sluice Stage E61201 River Great Ouse 15.1 cm
Bromham Stage E26141 Maod River Great Ouse 2906.3 cm
Brown Mill Stage E4370 Great Stour 20.1 cm
Brownshill Stage E24255 River Great Ouse 34.6 cm
Brownwich Pond Stage 2512so Maod Brownwich Stream 118.1 cm
Buckingham Stage E25055 River Great Ouse 17.3 cm
Budleigh Salterton Station Road Stage E84049 Knowle Stream 11.6 cm
Caker Stream Downstream Stage 3015th Caker Stream -0.7 cm
Caker Stream Stage 3015th Caker Stream 6.5 cm
Calthorpe Park Stage 4039 River Rea 9.5 cm
Cardington Stage E44566 River Great Ouse 134.2 cm
Castle Mill Stage E21034 River Great Ouse 13 cm
Chart Leacon Stage E4330 Great Stour 15.2 cm
Cold Harbour Stage 1675th Hinksey Stream 79.3 cm
Colindale Downstream Stage 3829th Silk Stream -12.4 cm
Colindale Stage 3829th Silk Stream 11.4 cm
Cullompton Langlands Stage 45192 Crow Green Stream 7.8 cm
Driffield Stage F3193 Driffield Trout Stream 61.3 cm
Earith Stage E21747 River Great Ouse 138.1 cm
Eaton Socon Stage E24317 River Great Ouse 8.2 cm
Edgware Hospital Stage 3826th Silk Stream 61.3 cm
Egypt Mill Stage 2275 Nailsworth Stream 43.2 cm
Ely Stage E23527 River Great Ouse 64.1 cm
Farley Bridge Stage 2265 Rea Brook 15.4 cm
Fishlake Stage E13480 Fishlake Stream 58.9 cm
Fordwich River Level Stage E3826 Maod Great Stour 208.3 cm
Freebridge Tidal Level E22184 River Great Ouse 340.8 cm
Frisby On The Wreake Downstream Stage 4873 River Wreake 40.1 cm
Gatwick Link Stage 3229th Gatwick Stream 11.2 cm
Godmanchester Stage E24302 River Great Ouse 30.3 cm
Groveferry Tidal Level E2500 Maod Great Stour 155.9 cm
Harbertonford Yeolands Stage E71983 Yeolands Stream 3 cm
Havant Stage E11310 Maod Hermitage Stream 508.6 cm
Haversham Stage E22088 River Great Ouse 48.7 cm
Hemingford Stage E21136 River Great Ouse 15.4 cm
Hendal Bridge Stage E714 Eridge Stream Tributary Medway 16.5 cm
Hinksey Lake (Temporary) Stage 1674th Hinksey Stream 35.2 cm
Honiton Stage 45215 Glen Stream 16.6 cm
Hookagate Stage 2018 Rea Brook 22.5 cm
Horton Weir Stage E3951 Great Stour 23.8 cm
Hothfield Upstream Stage E4321 Great Stour 23.2 cm
Houghton Stage E21163 River Great Ouse 24.7 cm
Ilfracombe Hele Witheridge Place Stage E84249 Hele Stream 44.3 cm
Kenwith Castle Stage 50193 Kenwith Stream 24.8 cm
Kings Somborne Stage 2598so Maod Somborne Stream 3329.7 cm
Landkey Newland Tanners Road Stage E84069 Halford Stream 19.5 cm
Litton Cheney Stage 44112 Litton Cheney Stream 17 cm
Longbridge Stage 4902 River Rea 3.3 cm
Magdalen Bridge Tidal Level E23745 River Great Ouse 23.1 cm
Maidenbower Stage 3223th Gatwick Stream 70.5 cm
Melton Park Stage 4192 River Wreake 73.9 cm
Mevagissey 2 48191 Mevagissey Stream 7.3 cm
Mevagissey Stage 48191 Mevagissey Stream 11.8 cm
Milford Bridge Stage E14320 Maod Danes Stream 93.4 cm
Minns Estate Stage 1635th Seacourt Stream 117 cm
Motcombe Stage 433114 Motcombe Stream 12 cm
New Botley Stage 1645th Bulstake Stream 103.7 cm
Newnham Bridge Stage 2039 River Rea 55.3 cm
Newport Pagnell Cemetery Stage E21449 River Great Ouse 25.9 cm
Newport Pagnell Stage E21445 River Great Ouse 28.2 cm
New Valley Road Stage E14250 Danes Stream 1.4 cm
Offord Stage E24367 River Great Ouse 49.4 cm
Olney Stage E21325 River Great Ouse 18.3 cm
Parsons Street Stage 51112 Hawkcombe Stream -12 cm
Peeks Brook Lane Stage 3232th Burstow Stream 94.6 cm
Penberth Stage 48173 Penberth Stream 26.5 cm
Penryn Trelawney Park Downstream Stage 48143 Praze Stream -1302.8 cm
Penzance Tesco Stage 48189 Ponsandane Stream 21.2 cm
Perrancoombe Stage 48121 Perrancombe Stream 21.4 cm
Port Isaac Stage 49170 Coastal Stream 16.4 cm
Ringwood Old Cottage Stage 431117 Maod Bickerly Mill Stream 28.4 cm
Rockbeare Bridge Stage E81979 Ford Stream 42.3 cm
Rose In Vale Stage 48107 Perrancombe Stream 26.9 cm
Roxton Stage E21657 River Great Ouse 35.2 cm
Salfords Bridge Stage 3247th Salfords Stream 45.8 cm
Sampford Brett Stage 51110 Doniford Stream -1 cm
Scrasebridge Stage E8350 Salfords Stream 14.3 cm
Sellindge Stage 1113so East Stour Trib Great Stour 29.7 cm
Selly Park Stage 4206 River Rea -5 cm
Send Stage 3075th East Clandon Stream 79.4 cm
Sewards Bridge Stage E12781 Cheriton Stream 23.3 cm
Sharnbrook Stage E24451 River Great Ouse 23.8 cm
Soham Lode Stage E22035 River Great Ouse 157.3 cm
St Blazey Station Road Stage 48190 St Blazey Stream 8.8 cm
St Ives Stage E24267 River Great Ouse 30.4 cm
St Neots Stage E61101 River Great Ouse 86.1 cm
Stogumber Escott Lane Stage 51129 Doniford Stream 14.1 cm
Stony Stratford Stage E60701 River Great Ouse 14.7 cm
Sutton Gault Stage E23752 Maod River Great Ouse 79.8 cm
Swill Bridge Stage 51106 Doniford Stream 23.8 cm
Syston Stage 4024 River Wreake 0.5 m³/s
Thornborough Stage E60901 River Great Ouse 35.4 cm
Three Bridges Stage 3225th Gatwick Stream 52 cm
Tiverton Parkway Stage 45182 Spratford Stream 19.1 cm
Trowbridge Southwick Stage 531185 Lambrok Stream 13.1 cm
Turvey Stage E21270 River Great Ouse 26.6 cm
Upper Elmers End Stage 4335th St James Stream 34 cm
Vauxhall Bridge Stage E3966 Great Stour 59.4 cm
Welney Causeway Stage E21341 River Great Ouse 166.3 cm
West Gate Gardens Stage 1003so Great Stour 42 cm
Williton Stage 51111 Monksilver Stream 9.3 cm
Winchester Road Stage 2440so Maod Petersfield Stream 6464.3 cm
Woking South Stage 3087th Hoe Stream 34.4 cm
Wycombe Hugh Downstream Stage 2569th Hughenden Stream -5 cm
Wycombe Hugh Stage 2569th Hughenden Stream 15 cm
Wye Stage E4341 Great Stour 15.6 cm